About Ramanuncle...

Ramanuncle had great successes in his professional career over the years. He came to the U.S. and not having spoken English, he was determined to learn English and did by taking classes. He proceeded to become a leader in the insurance industry having set records for the highest sales in the region. His professional career was only a very small aspect of his life. His philanthropic career became his passion.
He has spent years helping people in his home village of Sarsav, throughout India, and here in the U.S. The school he went to in India needed funding to expand. When he realized the school needed money, he came to the U.S. and called all of his former classmates to ask for donations. As a result, his money and efforts combined with the help of his classmates resulted in significant donations that helped expand the school. Helping the school is just one of the many things he has done to help. He's gone on to build toilets throughout his village as there weren't enough for the men, women and children to use a toilet without having to run into the fields. In the U.S. he has helped and touched hundreds of people. He's offered bond payments to help illegal immigrants throughout the U.S. In doing so, he's helped many of those immigrants gain legal status in the U.S.
Ramanuncle was more than a businessman and philanthropist. He loved his wife, kids and all his extended family. He found a way to converse with everybody in the family at every event he attended. He paid special attention to all the kids as we grew up. He played with all of us. He was involved in the lives of all of us, he knew what we were doing with our lives and encouraged us to go to school and educate ourselves. He happily debated with us and taught us valuable lessons throughout our lives. He provided guidance and support while we were young and even as we entered our adult years he continued to provide.